Standard Mattress Sizes

Dimensions (in)
38″ x 75″
Twin Long
38″ x 80″
54″ x 75″
60″ x 80″
76″ x 80″
California King
72″ x 84″

We carry standard and custom options for mattress sizes designed to fit the customer’s needs. It is important to understand which is the correct mattress for your specific space, budget, and lifestyle. Many make the mistake of purchasing a mattress that is too small for the purpose of actually relaxing and falling asleep. Here we provide info about all of the size options available to help you find your perfect mattress.

Twin Size Mattress

Width: 39 in x  Length: 74 in

This is the smallest and most affordable mattress size, available for those who want to save space in their bedroom. Generally recommended for single sleepers, students, and little ones.

Twin Extra Long Mattress

Width: 39 in x  Length: 80 in

This extra long mattress size is made with taller adults in mind and is very common in dorm rooms. It is made to accommodate one tall sleeper who is looking to save space in their bedroom.

Full Size Mattress

Width: 54 in x  Length: 74 in

A full size mattress is 16 inches wider than a twin mattress and is more roomy but still not recommended for more than one sleeper. This is the most recommended size for growing children and teens.

Full Extra Long Size Mattress

Width: 38 in  x Length 80 in

The Full XL is perfect for taller singles who don’t have enough space for the most popular Queen size. This size is still not ideal for more than one sleeper and is 6 inches longer than the standard Full size mattress.

Queen Size Mattress

Width: 60 in x  Length: 80 in

Queen sized mattresses are the most popular because of their versatility and value. This size is suitable for singles and couples and is long enough for most people. This is the standard size for young couples getting their first mattress.

King Size Mattress

Width: 76 in x  Length: 80 in

This Luxury King size is made for couples who want the option to share their space with their pets or young children. This size is also great for couples who need extra space for an active or light sleeper. This mattress equals two of our Twin XL sizes laid next to each other for the perfect amount of comfort and space. Split King sets are also available with options for couples who have contrasting sleep preferences.

California King Size Mattress

Width: 72 in x  Length: 84 in

The Cal King is the best size for couples and sleepers who are taller. This size trades four inches off of the width of the standard King and adds it to the height of the mattress. This size is  still six inches wider than a Queen and spacious enough for more than one person while providing the best solution for taller sleepers.

Most of our mattresses are available in a California King size and we keep many in stock. Please contact us and we will be happy to assist you with your order.

Custom Sizes Available

Some people might need a mattress that is not one of these standard sizes. Contact us about creating custom sized beds for your boat cabin, RV, or semi truck space.

Please note that all manufactures work within a 1 inch tolerance to a specific size.