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Six legs for optimal support
Tri-Support™ leg design
Extra long side rails
Extra long side rails increase stability and accommodate Twin XL and Full XL
Patented Tri-Support™ system creates optimal leg support
Six-leg support for exceptional stability
2.5″ in-line rug rollers and 3″ wide glides are metal reinforced
Locking legs create triple-thick steel support

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    This adjustable bedframe includes multiple support features for added durability. Its primary legs are reinforced with the patented Tri-Support™ system creating optimal frame support. With six locking legs that create triple-thick steel strength and exceptional stability, the frame includes either 2.5″ in-line rug rollers or 3″ wide glides. Frame width adjusts from 38 inches to 53 inches with a length of 70 inches.

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