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Highrise™ LTH

Replaces Your Box Spring
Up to 60 Cubic Feet of Storage
17″ Under-Bed Storage
Eliminates the need for a box spring, saving money and creating storage space.
The Highrise™ LTH bed foundation is easy to set up. Simply unfold the frame and hand-tighten the bolts in each leg.
Extra durable welded support brace is quiet and ensures a solid foundation.
Precision engineering provides a stable, flexible and durable foundation for traditional and foam mattresses alike.

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    The durable, extra tall Highrise™ LTH bed foundation creates up to 60 cubic feet of storage space and saves money by eliminating the need for a box spring. Simple to set up, the frame features an extra durable, welded support brace to ensure a quiet, solid foundation.

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