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Mattress Design

9″ Mattress Height

  • 1″ Pressure Relief Layer: Talalay Latex
  • 8″ Support Core: Bonded Foam/Latex


  • 20 Year Warranty (10 Years Non-Prorated/ 10 Years Prorated) with a 3/4″ Indentation Limit
  • OekoTex Certified Talalay Latex
  • OekoTex Certified Fabric
  • OekoTex Certified Bonded Foam/Latex Support Core
  • ActiveFUSION Climate Control Phase Change Technology in the Cover and Top Latex Layer. ActiveFUSION can help keep a warmer sleeper slightly cooler and a cooler sleeper slightly warmer through the night by moving the heat to or away from the body as needed for each sleeper throughout the night
  • 400 Gram Weight Cover

Pure Latex Bliss Mezzanine

Made in the USA

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