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The Wave by Mantua

The Wave Adjustable Bed System give your mattress the ability to contour to you, rather than you having to conform to it.


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    The Wave Adjustable Motion Power Base

    • Modern modular cushion deck support
    • Positions to your personal comfort and support preference
    • Wall-glide design keeps you in easy reach
    • Therapeutic dual body massage – relieves tension, stress and muscle aches
    • “Gravity-Release” safety features
    • Steel leg balanced stability supports with locking rolling casters
    • UL & ETL certified and approved
    • Includes adjustable headboard brackets
    • Under bed “Room Glow” LED night light provides subtle lighting
    • Back up battery system

    Built for Long-Lasting Durability

    The Wave Adjustable Bed is made with more steel than any other base on the market. More steel means stronger constructions for years of reliable performance.

    Exclusive LED Nightlight

    Never stub your toes getting out of bed in the middle of the night again. Our One-Touch Nightlight Feature will always light the way.

    Greater Lift Capacity

    The manufacturer will warranty the DC motors for Twin 575 lbs, Full 600 lbs, % Queen 650 lbs. This warranty exceeds the industry norm for DC motors used in adjustable bases. However, the WAVE base has been tested for weight load by an independent certified testing laboratory showing good performance with weight loads above 700 lbs. per unit.


    • 20 year Premium Limited Warranty with In-Home Service
    • Wall-Glide design that keeps you close to your nightstand.
    • Greater Head Lift Range so you can sit up in bed
    • Wireless Hand Remote
    • 5-Modular Base Design
    • Adjustable Head Rest Feature
    • Exclusive LOUNGE Feature
    • Under Bed Nightlight
    • Dual-Massage – 3 Programmed Settings

    Exclusive LOUNGE and Head Rest Position

    Now you can relax i true comfort with our exclusive LOUNGE and Head Rest Feature. LOUNGE lets you lower your leg section while your Head Rest adjusts for ultimate comfort and stress relief.

    Gravity-Release Safety Motors

    Our Lift motors are built for safety. With our Gravity-Release feature, you never have to worry about pinching fingers or other obstructions that might hinder adjustability.

    Component Protection and Battery Backup

    The Wave has a replaceable fuse to protect all your components from damage during a storm, electrical surge or a complete electrical blackout.

    Our Battery Backup system allows you to return your bed to a flat sleep position even during a complete power outage. Always replace the batteries after each use or every one year period.

    Programmed Position and Massage Settings

    Simply Press and Hold any of our One-Touch feature buttons to adjust the Wave to your favorite resting position.

    Your remote is also programmed with three WAVE Massage Settings. Choose from a soothing vibrations or an invigorating massage-all at your fingertips.

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